C.E.E. IDIOMAS C/ Carmen 6. 28013 Madrid (Metro: Sol) Tel: 91 522 04 72 - 91 521 10 04 E-mail: info@cee-idiomas.com
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Características de nuestros cursos de Español

Enrolment in the Spanish course

Students wishing to start a beginner class in the Spanish language may enrol during any month of the year. Students with a knowledge of Spanish can enrol at any time, after taking the entrance test.

Pedagogical department

Our pedagogical department is a team made up of the co-ordinator and the teachers of each language department who hold frequent meetings to evaluate, correct, improve and perfect our teaching and to implement any changes or improvements deemed necessary. They are also at the student's disposal prior to the arranging of an appointment.


As they are the cornerstone of our school, teachers are strictly selected  according to their knowledge, abilities and vocation for teaching. As a result, teachers at C.E.E. are high-profile professionals, native and qualified, with ample experience in the teaching of Spanish; co-ordinated and supervised by a head of department. Both the co-ordinator and the teachers make up a team which plans, reviews and updates the class syllabus for the spanish language, approaching our teaching hollistically, which provides the student with a coherent structure of progress through the different levels, allowing him/her to change time and class, if necessary, without the harm any change usually brings about in a student's learning process.

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